What is The RoFrame?

The artist initiates the creative process: the viewer completes it. My invention facilitates both. Although there are numerous products that assist artists in the creative process with an easel that rotates, The RoFrame (TRF) can be used both in the creation of the art and, equally importantly, in the displaying of it on the walls of a gallery, business, or family home. 

The TRF is mounted on the stretcher bars of the backside of a canvas, and the canvas/TRF assembly is slid easily into a wall-mounted plate. While the artist paints, he/she can then turn the canvas any number of degrees, offering the following advantages:

  1. to allow ease of access to all parts of the canvas.

  2. to let the artist view the emerging painting sideways or upside down for the purposes ofassessing symmetry, compositional balance, etc.

  3. to allow the artist the ability to use gravity in any direction to manipulate a liquid media

Once the piece is complete, the artist can either remove TRF or, ideally, suggest that the buyer/gallery owner display the painting with TRF on a wall and invite viewer interaction. This offers the following advantages as well: 

  1. to allow a potential buyer or an owner to turn the painting, and promote a dialogue, so to speak, between the viewer and the artist, by asking questions, such as “Now what do I see?” or “What do I feel, now?”

  2. to have not one painting, but several, as each turn on TRF presents a different set of color/value/shape/texture relationships to discover and regard. In other words, a home owner or business curator can easily turn a painting 90, 180, or any number of degrees, to obtain a painting with a whole new mood and meaning.